psychosocial therapy
Diana Rongen

that moment when you realise you could use some help



All health practioners in the Netherlands must meet the requirements set in the context of the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz). Through my professional association the NFG I am registered with the Disputes Committee. You have a complaint about the therapy provided by the therapist. What's next?


1. Talk to your therapist about it.

If your therapist does not know that you are dissatisfied, she cannot do anything to resolve the complaint. Therefore, your therapist appreciates the opportunity to talk to you about it.


2. Complaints officer

If you cannot find a mutual solution, or if you decide not to talk to your therapist for certain reasons, you can request mediation by an independent complaints officer from Quasir. As soon as the complaints officer has received your complaint, he/she will inform you about the next step in the procedure.


3. Dispute resolution body

If this also does not lead to a satisfactory solution, you can report the complaint as a dispute to the Stichting Zorggeschil. They will proces your complaint and come to a decision that is binding for all parties.