psychosocial therapy
Diana Rongen

that moment when you realise you could use some help


you want to enjoy your work again

you want to feel happy again

gain self-confidence

improve your time and communication with your child

you want to be more relaxed

the feeling that you dare to do things

you want your child to feel happy again

you want to cope with your fear(s) 

you want to improve your sleep

to stop overanalysing and overthinking

be able to make decisions

you want to be more decisive

stop being a perfectionist

experience meaning in your life

feel happier in your relationship

get on better with your studies

making better decisions

dealing with loss

dealing with difficult experiences through EMDR

dealing with phobia 

handling stress

dealing with frustration

For every challenge there is a skill to learn

Every person faces challenges in life. This often goes well and the challenge is necessary to take a step further in your development. Some challenges are a bit more intense and this can lead to certain behavior that can become a problem, especially for yourself.

My vision is that for every challenge is a new skill to learn.You are dealing with a new situation that you cannot completely solve with your 'old' self.

I rather talk about a new skill instead of a problem. 

Psychosocial therapy Diana Rongen is aimed at emphasizing a positive development while at the same time looking at the negative elements in your life. I look with you at an optimistic future, positive ways to approach something, regaining self-confidence, helping to improve communication and rediscovering your own emotions.