psychosocial therapy
Diana Rongen

that moment when you realise you could use some help



child and youth therapy

That moment you notice that you and your child could use some support. You have already tried everything and yet something else seems to be needed. Often you try to solve something in a certain way and then it doesn't seem to work anymore. A new tool is needed. We will work together on developing self-strength and gaining self-confidence in your own qualities and skills. See also my website kinder- en jeugdtherapie Wereldkind

individual therapy

That moment you notice you're not really you anymore. You are tense, overstimulated, sad, anxious and you want to stop for a moment to see what you really need right now. You want to reconnect with yourself and grow towards the next step.








couple's therapy

That moment you notice that you and your partner no longer have that connection as before. There are more and more accusations on both sides, which puts tension on the relationship. We will work together with EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) on developing we-strength and gaining confidence in yourself and each other.