psychosocial therapy
Diana Rongen

that moment when you realise you could use some help


That moment when you think you've lost yourself

You are more tense than usual

Suddenly you feel you could use some help
I realise that I have lost myself a bit

You can't relax and that tiredness just won't go away

There is tension in your relationships

You start having thoughts like:

'What would they think of me?'

'Just carry on'

'Just ignore it'


When you notice this is happening more and more, then it is about time


Time for selfcare




I would like to be your support

During our intake we will both look how I can support you with your thoughts and goals

Talking about can already be comforting. You are not alone in this

We will find out if you would like to walk this road with me

Together we will explore your questions e.g.:

'Why do I have so little energy?'

'How do I get out of this loop?'

'How can I be so upset by the same people?'

'What patterns are holding me back from what I want to achieve?'

'I don't understand why I feel this way'

''I don't feel connected with my partner anymore


When you come, we will pause the time.

We get out of the daily routine and take time for ourselves.

You need that to get closer to yourself again, to connect with yourself and to feel what you need.

Together we look at what is going on and we do so in peace, leniency and trust.

This in itself can give more insight

Sometimes we do exercises, sometimes I'll ask questions,

sometimes I give you more insight into how the psyche works and sometimes I point out patterns.

Together we work towards self-compassion and kind connection with yourself (or with each other). This will help you to understand what you need and how to get there.

Maybe you need to make a decision, say goodbye to something and/or put everything back in perspective.


for whom

child and youth therapy

That moment you notice that you and your child could use some support. You have already tried everything and yet something else seems to be needed. Often you try to solve something in a certain way and then it doesn't seem to work anymore. A new tool is needed. We will work together on developing self-strength and gaining self-confidence in your own qualities and skills. See also my website kinder- en jeugdtherapie Wereldkind

individual therapy

That moment you notice you're not really you anymore. You are tense, overstimulated, sad, anxious and you want to stop for a moment to see what you really need right now. You want to reconnect with yourself and grow towards the next step.

couple's therapy

That moment you notice that you and your partner no longer have that connection as before. There are more and more accusations on both sides, which puts tension on the relationship. We will work together with EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) on developing we-strength and gaining confidence in yourself and each other. 

'I like it here so much that I could talk 6 hours straight with you'

'Every Wednesday my wife and I are having date night again'

'My child enjoys school again'

I am


psychosocial therapist

child and youth therapist

ACT therapist



adult care

emdr therapist

I am

interested in your story

good in listening

asking questions

good sense of humor

listen without judgement


looking for connection

and now ?


Wait a little while?

Or take a leap and see if this is something for you?